Video Library

Want to learn more about OEC and the furniture we sell? Then you are in the right place! Explore our video library today to learn anything from how to properly adjust your chair, to what it is like when you choose to work with our team.

SRA 831b Admin

See the transformation of the SRA office from house in Meridian, ID to office in Eagle, ID.

SRA Sales Process

OEC Workplace Consultant, Jill Miller helps SRA bring their vision to life.

SRA Install Process

OEC operations team phases the install to get SRA into their new office on time and on budget.

Height Adjustable Desk

Learn what sets Steelcase height adjustable desks apart from the rest.

The Migration Desk

Learn the unique features of the Migration Desk and the Migration SE

The Ology Desk

Learn about the great features of the Steelcase Ology Desk.

The Gesture Chair

Learn about the adjustments and features for the Steelcase Gesture Chair

The Leap Chair

Find out what makes the Steelcase Leap Chair special and how to adjust it to your body.

The Think Chair

Learn what makes the Steelcase Leap Chair unique.

The Amia Chair

Find out the special features of the Steelcase Amia Chair and why it might be right for you.

Start Your Career

Catch a glimpse of why OEC is a great place to start your career.

About Us

Learn how we deliver the perfect customer experience.

Sales Process

Learn about the OEC Sales Process and what you can expect when working with one of our workplace consultants.

Design Process

Learn about the OEC Design Process and how our excellent design team can help bring your vision to life.

Installation Process

Learn about the OEC Installation Process and what it will be like to work with your project manager and install team.