Project Description

Design inspiration

The uniquely designed X-tenz™ and Double X-tenz™ sleepers provide attractive seating to accommodate guests in patient rooms – and a full length sleeping surface when needed. The single X-tenz opens to the left or right and is ideal for spaces where the footprint doesn’t allow for a sleep surface to pull out into the room, as well as typically wasted spaces, such as under window sills or between room columns. Double X-tenz opens forward and easily converts into a full-size double bed allowing for two overnight guests. On both models, the seat transforms into the sleep surface by simply pulling open the unit and opening the double-layer cushion, providing a separate hygienic sleep surface area. Comfortable, versatile and very accommodating – that’s the X-tenz family.


Features and benefits


Sleep surface extends on a rolling sleep surface: 27″ x 80″ / 54″ x 80″ carriage frame that allows one or two overnight guests to sleep comfortably.


Designed to withstand the rigors of a 24/7 environment. The frame is constructed of tubular steel and the joints feature steel to steel connections.


Sleep surface is exposed by simply pulling open the unit and flipping open the double-layer seat cushion.


Laminate back and front kick panels are available in a variety of attractive wood grain finishes.


Left or right opening on single units, moisture barriers and wood or plastisol arm caps.