Project Description

Designed around the user – Sync by Steelcase Health

In clinical settings, a proper workspace is rarely available where and when it’s needed. Caregivers often resort to any available surface. Sync™ provides a better solution. It supports caregivers in action and greatly improves workflow so that the overall quality of care improves.

The design approach to Sync focused entirely on the user. When observing a caregiver’s daily tasks and workflow, four aspects stood out as vital to their ability to deliver the very best care: collaboration, efficiency, adaptability and ergonomics. By supporting these four key areas, Sync offers an innovative solution to the caregiver station.

Design Story


Sync suits both individuals and teams, encourages interaction and embraces technology.


Sync creates a space designed specifically for a caregiver’s daily workflow.


Sync keeps up with changing technology and the evolving demands of the clinical space.


Sync accounts for people of various sizes and work styles, accommodating their needs so that they can offer better care.

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