Project Description

Personalized benching.

Featuring Series 3, Series 5 and Series 8 height-adjustable solutions, Series Bench adds the benefits of height-adjustability to benching’s wide range of applications; promoting individual and organizational wellbeing while maximizing real estate.

With its ability to support changes in postures, easy access to power, and effective wire management, Series Bench is the ideal solution for users focused on promoting organizational wellbeing in a smaller footprint.

Series 8 thumbnail3Series 8 Bench
Series 8 offers an enhanced sit-to-stand height adjustability that provides a lower height range.
• Height range: 23¾” – 49¾”
• Controller: 3 presets, 3 presets with digital display, flush mount up/down buttons

Benching furnitureSeries 5 Bench
Series 5 offers sit-to-stand height-adjustability with an easy-to-use electric controller.
• Height range: 25½” – 52″.
• Controller: up/down power controller

Series 3 thumbnail2Series 3 Bench
Series 3 offers seated height-adjustability with a crank-based controller that provides users with individualized movement.
• Height range: 22″ – 34″
• Controller: Crank adjustment/4 turns per inch



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