Project Description

Regard provides a range of spaces to support multiple learning preferences in informal learning spaces – by Steelcase Health

The Regard furniture system offers a range of modular components to support students studying individually, working in groups or socializing with others. The system supports both short and long term stays, offers varying levels of privacy, integrates access to power and provides a place for student belongings. Regard is ideal for libraries, cafes and other in-between spaces on campus.

Benefits & features

  • Extra wide seats and arm rests support a range of postures, while also encouraging side-by-side seating
  • Booth settings provide large worksurfaces, supporting group work or individuals who need to spread out
  • Touchdown spaces are ideal for check-in, library database access, printing and more
  • Booth displays provide access to campus updates and other news
  • Modular power system allows multiple units to receive power from a single source, enabling all users to have easy access to power.
  • Integrated outlets puts power close at hand and easy to find
  • Performance fabrics are durable and easy to clean
  • Open base design allows for easy floor maintenance

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