Project Description

Creating better connection – Pocket by Steelcase Health

With the delivery of healthcare becoming an increasingly complicated process, patients and caregivers are often unable to do the one thing that could help the most—connect. Pocket™ can help. Pocket is a highly maneuverable, smooth-gliding worksurface that occupies a footprint no larger than a person.

Supporting Caregivers

To help create better workflow and patient connection, caregivers often put their own wellbeing at risk. Pocket offers a solution that closes the gap between worktools, technology and, most of all, patients. When this happens, caregivers are less prone to injury, and can provide better care.

Strategic Design

As healthcare technologies, procedures, and facilities continue to evolve, Pocket’s essential design remains current, supporting new technological platforms and devices. Pocket can be equipped with a variety of unique features. Though it’s true beauty lies in how little it needs. Its responsive, flexible, simple design is prepared for what’s around the corner, today, tomorrow and five years from now.


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