Come see the Workplace of Tomorrow

OEC's Open House

Friday, March 31, 2023 | 3-7 pm | 623 S Americana Blvd. | Boise, ID 83702

Come and get ideas on builing a workplace where people want to come to work!

  • New Furniture and Space concepts for the Hybrid Workplace
  • New Audio-Visual Technology Supporting The Hybrid Workplace
  • Ideas to build your brand and culture in the office
  • Food + Drinks


“At OEC we have worked with the best minds in the business to build a working space that focuses on the current needs of both the team AND the individual. A place where your employee wants to come to work. A place that has collaboration technology that functions with the single touch of a button. A place where people are efficient, work gets done, and culture is built.

Scott Galloway, President