Modular Building Systems

PortaFab modular building systems two story space

Modular Office + Inplant Offices

OEC is proud to be PortaFab‘s primary distributor for the state of Idaho. We provide local installation for all your modular building system needs. 

When it comes to outfitting your industrial space, you can’t get any better than modular building systems. They provide:

  1. Versatility
  2. Quick Installation
  3. Clean Installation
  4. Reduced Construction Labor Costs
  5. Ease of Coordination
  6. Reduced Design Time
  7. Consistent Quality + Appearance
  8. Low Maintenance
  9. Tax Advantages
  10. Environmentally Friendly
PortaFab modular conference room

The Many Components of Modular Systems

When you work with OEC, you will have access to the most extensive product lines in the industry. You can pick and choose various components from three different lines for inplant office systems, modular wall systems, and modular cleanroom systems. Each line encompasses:

  • Framing Systems
  • Wall Panels
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Roof + Ceiling
  • Electrical + Climate Control

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