Locks + Keys

Locks & keys serve a variety of purposes and come in many forms. Whether you are running a campus of buildings or are simply securing your home, we can help install the best system for you. 

Get access to one room or an entire facility.

Affordable turnover lock management.

Get all your doors on the same lock..

Fix sticky locks and replace broken systems.

Provide security for employee items.

locks + keys master key system

Master Keys

Having a master key system is extremely important for anyone seeking to manage a facility well. It allows you to limit access to specific areas and people. If you are on a campus, a master key system allows you to give individuals access to one room, an entire building, or an entire campus depending on their clearance level. With this system, a teacher can have a key to their room, an administrator can have a key to every door in the building, and a janitor can have a key to every lock on the campus. all within the same lock system.

IC Core

When you are in a business or manage properties with a high rate of turnover, IC Cores are a great way to save time and money. Rather than buying a whole new lock system, IC Cores can be easily removed and replaced with new cores. Whether you need to change a lock after renters move out, or you want to update the lock on your storefront, IC Cores are the way to go.

Re Key

Re Key services are extremely important in both commercial and residential settings to help ensure security and peace of mind. In some homes, rather than replace all the locks when one goes bad, a homeowner will have different keys for different doors. Re Keying your doors gives you the convenience of one key for all doors. The same goes for a property manager or a new owner. When you want to guarantee the safety of your staff or family, re keying your locks is the best decision you could make.

Repair + Replace

No one likes sticky locks. It is a pain to get in and a security concern of whether or not something was correctly locked. If you would like a lock repair for your current system or want to completely replace it, we are determined to make locking your home or building quick and easy.

Desk Locks + Keys

Have a locking desk but lost the key? In most cases, we can make keys to work your lock or help find a matching replacement lock. A great service Total Door Works provides for offices in particular is Desk, Cabinets, & File Cabinet locks. Some of your employees may want to have the security of a lock on their desk or storage solutions while others may need it. Regardless of the reason, we can procure and install locks in all of your office desk and cabinets to give you control over your items.

desk lock