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Carpet Tile


Carpeting has a lot of appeal. It’s beautiful, performs well under heavy use, and offers lots of flexibility in designing unique spaces. Carpeting can be bold and vibrant or calming and neutral. It creates a warm environment in which to work. It is an effective noise buffer to make open spaces more practical for work. Add a cushioned back and it’s even quieter. It can also help improve indoor air quality by trapping allergens until they’re vacuumed away. In other words, there are a lot of reasons why carpeting makes an excellent choice for corporate offices, healthcare facilities and educational settings.

Carpet Tile

Modular Carpeting

Good-looking, practical and flexible — the newest carpet tiles have exactly the qualities a lot of workplaces are looking for. The design possibilities are virtually limitless. Incorporating a variety of colors and textures can create unique and beautiful patterns. It’s cost-effective, too. Modular carpeting can be installed more easily, even in occupied spaces. When it’s not possible to empty a room, furniture and partitions can be lifted or moved to install modular tiles underneath. Maintenance is easy as well. Modular carpeting is cleaned like any other carpet, but individual tiles can also be removed if necessary to work on tough stains. In the event that a single tile is worn, it can easily be replaced rather than having to replace an entire room. The new modular carpet: smart and beautiful.

Carpet Tile

Broadloom Carpet

Broadloom carpeting — those manufactured on very wide looms — are popular for many reasons. It’s timeless and hardworking. The use of wall-to-wall carpeting presents a solid, unified look. The enormous variety of styles, fibers and colors ensure carpeting with just the right appearance and durability for virtually any workplace environment. The wide broadlooms also minimize the occurrence of seams or eliminate them altogether for a more refined look. Soft underfoot, broadloom carpeting makes a workspace quieter. In certain settings, where confidence, sophistication or tranquility is the required design aesthetic, broadloom carpeting is an excellent choice.

Hard Surface FlooringWhat makes natural stone, ceramic and porcelain perfect for floorcoverings? They’re nearly indestructible. Even under the heaviest use and in the harshest environments, hard surface tile offers terrific value. Combine this durability with the tremendous assortment of styles and colors available, and it’s clear why tile makes an appearance in virtually every commercial space.
Whether you choose natural or man-made, tile offers a number of advantages. Without exception, it is the strongest surface material for floors. It’s non-permeable to smoke, odors, paint fumes or other contaminants. Tile is chemically inert so it inhibits the growth of mold and fungus, and there are no off-gases or by-products when installing. Maintenance on tile is also relatively easy. For certain applications such as entryways, kitchens and restrooms, tile is the obvious choice.
Hard Surface FlooringThe beauty of these stones lies in the fact that no two pieces are alike. Marble, granite and other natural stones all have wonderful irregularities, speckling and veining that give them character and sophistication. They’re tough, long lasting and resistant to weathering. Some stones such as marble and granite are available in a wide range of colors. One consideration in choosing between natural stones is the relative hardness of each. Granite is denser and harder than marble or other stones and therefore more versatile. Regardless of your preference, granite, marble, slate, travertine and other natural stones are all beautiful and suitable for any commercial environment.
Hard Surface Flooring

The wide range of color, size, texture and finish combined with exceptional value makes ceramic and porcelain tile an excellent choice in flooring for commercial spaces. The difference between ceramic and porcelain is in the type of clay used in their manufacturing. Ceramic tile is made from red or brown clay and other minerals. Porcelain is made from clay with the addition of a white sand that results in a denser, harder tile after the firing process. Generally, glazed tiles are more stain-and-water resistant compared to unglazed tiles. Both are durable and both are commonly used flooring products in the commercial environment.

Resilient flooring as a category includes a surprisingly wide variety of hard surface materials that offer great style and value. Some resilient floorcoverings have lower initial costs with longer lifecycles than other materials. They’re generally easy to maintain which is especially useful in lobbies, landings, libraries — any space subjected to heavy use. Increasingly, these flooring materials are the environmentally responsible choice based on manufacturing and recyclability. Resilient floorcoverings are available in a tremendous range of colors, patterns, designs and textures to suit the style preferences of any workplace. They all share a remarkable versatility and toughness, even in the most demanding applications. No wonder resilient floorcoverings are a popular choice for commercial interiors.

Luxury vinyl tile — or LVT as it’s commonly known — is a high-end vinyl product that combines the qualities most in demand for commercial floors: looks and durability. LVT is available in a wide array of styles, textures and sizes. Some patterns faithfully resemble other, more expensive natural stones while being easier to install and easier on the feet. LVT is highly durable and easy to maintain, which is especially useful in educational and healthcare facilities.

Another popular category of commercial floorcovering is VCT — vinyl composition tile. Because these tiles are relatively low cost and very durable they are used successfully in high-traffic areas. Vinyl is impact- and abrasion-resistant. Generally VCT can withstand repeated refinishing with strippers and finishes. When properly installed, individual tiles can be replaced if necessary. With all the style and color choices available, VCT is an inspired, practical and beautiful choice for many commercial environments.

Rubber has a certain appeal as flooring — it’s modern, hip and fun. But rubber was used on floors as long as a hundred years ago because of its resilience and comfort. Rubber offers many practical benefits. It’s slip-resistant and shock absorbing. Rubber has natural sound-deadening properties so it’s valuable when acoustics are an issue. Rubber is also sustainable because it’s a natural product. Today’s rubber flooring is unique and stylish.
Specialty FlooringSmart Meets Beautiful. Floorcoverings We Love.

Hardwoods, rubber and cork are just a few of the floorcoverings turning heads these days. They can be sophisticated, surprising and sustainable. They’re beautiful, too. When it comes to interesting and innovative materials, NBS Floorcoverings Solutions has you covered. Here’s a small sample of what we offer.

Specialty Flooring Modern and Classic

It’s been said that hardwoods make some of the most beautiful of all floorcoverings. They’re prized for the warmth and style they bring to any environment. What many people don’t realize is how durable they are. Gymnasium floors are a good example of how well hardwoods can take a pounding and still hold up. At the same time wood feels softer, more resilient and often more comfortable to stand on for extended periods.
With their grain and other natural properties wood floors bring great character to any space. Creating a unique look can be achieved through the use of interesting patterns, contrasting borders, medallions, or mixing different wood

Specialty Flooring
Wood: The Clean and Green Solution
Wood floors help contribute to a healthy indoor environment. Dust and other allergens won’t embed themselves in wood floors. Simple maintenance can keep them clean and hypoallergenic. It’s also a green choice when sustainability is an issue, as hardwood forests today are carefully managed and replanted. Furthermore, hardwood can last decades with the proper care and maintenance. In commercial interiors, wood works.
Specialty Flooring
Cork Flooring might surprise you!

Sustainable? Check. Non-toxic and healthy? Check. Excellent insulation and sound absorption? Check and check. Obviously there are a lot of reasons to recommend cork as a flooring material. Interestingly, it’s making a comeback of sorts. While it’s been used for over a hundred years, today’s cork flooring is hitting all the right notes for those who want practicality balanced with environmental considerations. It’s fashionable too, with a wide range of styles and colors to choose from. Rationally speaking, cork is a beautiful choice.

Specialty Flooring

Floor maintenance can be minimized with entryway carpets that help prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked throughout a building. Carpet tile, mats or runners are the first line of defense because most dirt and soil that gets tracked into a building will be deposited within a few feet of the vestibule, lobby or entry hallway. Walk-off carpets that grab the grime will also help extend the life of all the other floorcoverings throughout a building. Plus, we have the ability to put custom logos and designs on you welcome carpet.