Audio & Acoustics


Acoustic Baffles

Sound baffles create texture and aesthetic for ceilings. They are easy to install, aesthetically pleasing, and provide exceptional noise reduction in all the spaces they are used. Acoustic baffles are best used in large, noisy spaces such as an educational, retail, restaurant, public transportation, or open office setting.

Acoustic Wall Panels

If you need a way to spruce up your space and manage noise, acoustic panels are the perfect application. Install digitally printed designs, textured panels, and more in your commercial, hospitality, or educational space.

Sound Masking

Sound masking promotes speech privacy and prevents eavesdropping, creating more productive workspaces where employees can focus on their work. This ambient background sound targets the same frequency as human speech to reduce how easy it is to hear coworkers. 


Connect speakers to your conferencing system for a clear, rich sound.


When you are connecting with someone virtually, being able to hear and be heard is imperative. Using a quality microphone is critical to creating solid connections. Whether you are streaming live or joining a conference call, we can help you find the right microphone for your needs. 

Sound Bars

Being heard is important, especially in conference calls. Sound bars are an excellent addition to any video conferencing room. Their microphones and speakers make for productive meetings for all participants while suppressing distractions.