Privacy Solutions for Your Open Office


Architectural Solutions

We’re on a mission to simplify the building process and deliver cost certainty by building flexible offsite, multi-trade prefab interior solutions. From interior architecture, power and data, to portable enclosed rooms, phone booths, and acoutical treatments, we add quality, speed, and efficency to any project.


Privacy Architectural Walls

Interior Architectural Construction defines space, and redefines the role vertical real estate plays in today’s workplace. It improves the work environment by providing true acoustical privacy while also hosting technology. You get a sense of permanence and the speed and design flexibility of a relocatable wall. We design and build a wide variety of interior spaces. Let us show you how.

Meeting Pods

Collaboration in the workplace happens anytime and anywhere, and we have solutions to support it. Enclosed meeting spaces can be acoutically sound, beautifully designed, and flexible and portable to allow your space to change with your needs.


Focus Rooms

There are times every work day when people just need to hunker down and focus. Whether it’s for one person or a small team, focus rooms provide visual and acoustic privacy along with the power and data needed to get work done.

Phone Booths

There’s always one co worker with a really loud voice, or the need to book that important appointment, or a conversation with a client or family member that needs greater confidentiality. Work place phone booths are today’s solution to those needs. Phone booths can be Volkswagens or Mercedes Benzs. Let us know your design and budget and we’ll give you options.