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IDI Event October: CEU & Fiesta

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Come Learn about CeramicSteel & The Vertical Surface

Attention IDI Members!  You are invited to attend the official IDI event for October 2019 at OEC for an awesome CEU and a luncheon Fiesta!

When: October 16, 2019. 12:00-1:00 PM
Where: OEC Showroom, 623 S. Americana Blvd, Boise, ID 83702
What: CEU presentation and Lunch fiesta.
Who: Members of IDI


About the CEU

Our will focus on CeramicSteel & The Vertical Surface.  Here are some topics we will cover:

  • Building Systems: Understand why and how CeramicSteel is used in the built environment
  • Environmental: Learn how bacteria resistant properties and LEED drive the need for Ceramic Steel
  • Materials and Methods: Identify and understand the systems, products, and finishes for CeramicSteel

About the Presenter

Bonnie Carpenter has been in the furniture industry for 13 years.  The majority of that time was spent as a designer in both Phoenix and New York City.  Bonnie currently works as a Collaborative Surfaces Specialist at Designtex.  

Bonnie Carpenter


From chalkboards and whiteboards in more than 8,000,000 classrooms to buildings, bridges, and tunnels across the globe, discerning fabricators and architects choose PolyVision CeramicSteel surfaces. It’s a true testament to PolyVision’s ability to create a superior surface through rigorous and innovative manufacturing and testing. Defying scratches, stains, weather, pollutants, and fire, PolyVision surfaces are simply unparalleled.

Garcia's Tex-Mex Lunch


Authentic Tex-Mex food will be provided by Garcia’s Tex Mex.  Lunch will feature tacos and homemade salsa, the same delicious food you can find each Saturday at the Capital City Farmers Market.  Garcia’s Tex-Mex is run by the grandparents of our very own designer, Gabriella Garcia.  

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