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Are you looking to create a rewarding career in the furniture or construction industry? OEC is a growing company and we are always looking for top talent to join our team. We employ an in-house staff of seasoned furniture and specialty construction installers. Additionally, we have a seasoned locksmith, ambitious workplace consultants, creative designers, detail oriented project managers, and more. Together, our hard-working team collaborates to create amazing spaces where employees love to work and owners are proud to show off. 

Our furniture division delivers industry-leading interior design, furniture, and architectural solutions. OEC’s in-house furniture installers have a wealth of knowledge. They are experts at installing and repairing all kinds of furniture solutions regardless of the brand. Our team installs everything from ancillary spaces, cubicles, workstations, modular walls, storage and more. They are also experts at commercial office relocations for large and small companies alike. 

Our construction division provides a variety of Division 10 & 12 construction specialties. These include wall protection, bathroom accessories, window coverings, and architectural mesh to name a few. These skills are in high demand with general contractors and building owners. Additionally, our locksmith division covers everything from door hardware, locks & keys, access control, and door and frame installation.

Our Values

At OEC we have four core values: “Make a Difference, Respect, Trust, and Pursue Excellence.” These are the things we strive to do as a team, as well as deliver for the client. Our work revolves around making a difference in our customer’s space, earning their trust, respecting their time and ideas, and pursuing excellence in our communication, designs, and installation. We work in a fast-paced environment and are constantly striving to push the limits on what we can achieve. If this sounds like something you are interested in learning more about, contact us today. The next member of our team could be you!

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