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As the largest furniture dealership in Idaho, we make ordering and installing commercial furniture easy. Located in Boise, we provide excellent service and help you discover your vision and design the perfect space so our team can deliver on your expectations. With OEC, you can expect to have a dedicated workplace consultant for your project that will make the complex things simple. They will coordinate with our design team and project manager to deliver an excellent experience. With our deep industry experience and innovative execution on every project, we promise to finish your project on time and on budget. Choosing the right commercial office furniture installation company is vital to the success of your project. We guarantee that you will receive professional workmanship, creative problem solving, and attention to detail, every time.

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Five Hybrid Workplace Mistakes to Avoid

It takes more than salary and remote work to keep people happy. In Fall 2021, Steelcase Workspace Futures researchers analyzed responses from nearly 5,000 office workers in 11 countries. The data uncovered five key mistakes leaders may be making about the connection between the workplace and what people actually want.

Five Hybrid Mistakes

Featured Client Projects

At OEC we service a variety of office furnishings, office interiors, and project types. These projects range between commercial offices, healthcare clinics, education buildings, government facilities and more. Our projects include Steelcase office furniture as well as other brands to create incredible office environments. See multiple examples of office chairs, conference rooms, private offices, huddle rooms, work cafes, outdoor living and beyond. Explore our extensive portfolio of excellent projects in the Boise area and beyond.


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SRA The Space
Nicole Horton

Looking For Leg Room

Outgrowing your house is painful. There comes a point when the space you once thought you could never fill becomes cramped and uncomfortable. Many families

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We are a Proud Steelcase Partner

Born in 1912, Steelcase has spent over a century assuming its position among the very best in innovation and collaboration. Steelcase is committed to creating a better world for people at work through their extensive research in the industry, Steelcase has helped us build amazing workspaces.  Their values closely mirrors ours at OEC, and that is why we’ve proudly done business together for nearly a quarter century. 

collaboration space

We are not one of your typical office furniture stores. OEC has over 30 years of expertise in commercial furniture installation and office interiors. We provide architectural and technology solutions within commercial office spaces, healthcare facilities, and education and government buildings. Our team pays close attention to detail, performs professional workmanship, and is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We also protect your orders in our secure and reliable storage warehousing which eliminates the need for on-site storage.


Space Planning & Reconfiguration

OEC’s in-house design firm is the expert in space planning and reconfiguration. We meet with you to determine your company’s specific  needs to design purposeful office layouts. We are dedicated to helping you  create spaces that  increase employee productivity, foster collaboration, create a healthy environment, and more. 


When you need to relocate your office space, you can rest assured that OEC will handle every aspect of the move. Our professional team of installers are easy to work with and knowledgeable. We plan for a fast turnaround time, by tracking and handling all of your assets and communicate with you throughout the process.


Division 10 & 12 Construction

With 25 years of construction expertise, our exceptional team offers services within the corporate, hospitality, education, and entertainment markets. We cover a wide range of services through Division 10 construction such as restroom partition and accessories, fire extinguishers, visual displays, wall protection, and much more. Additionally, we install a variety of furnishings encompassed in Division 12 construction.

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